1. What is the warranty on Spaldin mattresses? Do I need to register the warranty?

  2. If I buy the mattress but not the box will the warranty be the same? We plan on putting it on a platform type bed.

Green Attributes and Other Manufacturing Information

  1. Do you use any of these chemicals?
    Methyl benzene (toluene) diphenyl diisocyanate (TDI)
    Vinilideine chloride

  2. Why is 100% polyurethane Foam on the law tag if your foam is plant-based?

  3. Is this a brand new technology?

  4. Is latex greener than plant-based foam?

  5. Is plant-based foam less durable than standard foam?

  6. Where are these mattresses manufactured?

  7. What is every ingredient in the mattress?

  8. The website says that your foams use the maximum amount of natural plant oils.  Are there any petrochemical oils or other fillers that make up the rest? Do you use any petroleum at all?

  9. I read that with most soy memory foam mattresses, only 5-20% of the mattress is made up of soy. What is the percentage of soy in this mattress?

  10. What is the other percentage of the makeup?

  11. What are all the adhesives used?

  12. How can you know Spaldin mattresses are safe? I read somewhere that soy foam causes cancer.

  13. What industrial perfume is used to mask the odor?

  14. What percentage of the mattress is natural? And how much is synthetic?

  15. Does the mattress contain BiOH® polyols (from Cargill)? 

  16. The website says that the fire barrier is made using Visil.  What else is in the fire barrier? 

  17. Does the mattress emit or contain ANY VOC's? Is there any off-gassing?  Even a little?

  18. Is there any antimony in Spaldin mattresses?

  19. What is every ingredient in the mattress?

Caring for your Spaldin Mattress

  1. Do I need to rotate or flip the mattress?