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A Greener World

Spaldin qualifies for Oeko-Tex 100 class I certification

Spaldin is the first Spanish mattress manufacturer to be awarded Oeko-Tex 100 certification, class I for its products.

Traditionally this sector has used the Oeko-Tex certification of its suppliers. However, Spaldin now has its own certification. This is a further indication for our customers of the control we have over the materials used in our products.

With this certification, Spaldin demonstrates that not only does it advocate Natura Sleep but that on a daily basis it endeavours to have it officially recognised.

Spaldin’s Oeko-Tex class I certification number for its products is 2012OK0023 (click here for validity check). Class I certification is required by Oeko-Tex for the sale of baby products, confirming that Spaldin products are totally healthy and free of any products which may be harmful for humans and the environment.

Spaldin has gone one step further by obtaining this certification. Until now, Spaldin controlled its raw materials by supplier audits, but now Spaldin can actually be audited by the Textile Industry Research Association AITEX itself, which makes the process far more accurate and reliable and places increased value on the certificate that Spaldin presents to all of its clients.

Spaldin mattress users can sleep in the most natural way possible, similar to the pre-birth experience in our mother’s womb.

Certificado Oeko Tex Clase I


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