A Greener World


World Environment Day

A Greener World

World Environment Day

Spaldin joins the United Nations campaign ‘Plant for the Planet’ to save Spain’s forests and woodlands

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is organising a worldwide campaign ‘Plant for the Planet’, promoted by Professor Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize winner, to fight specifically against climate change by planting trees.

Dia Mundial del Medio Ambiente

The UN transmits a clear message: Forests and woodlands are inhabited by 300 million people, 1.6 billion people live off them and we all depend on their conservation. For this reason, Spaldin has joined ‘Plant for the Planet’ in order to collaborate with such a unique project in the world.

With the support of Spaldin, not only will trees be planted but also all the necessary actions for their correct management will be undertaken.

The campaign in Spain brings together Her Royal Highness The Princess of Asturias as President of Honour and the participation of culture and sports personalities such as José Carreras, Pedro Almodovar, Lionel Messi, Alberto Contador, Fernando Alonso, Vicente del Bosque and Alejandro Sanz. Large companies such as Correos, Telefónica, Google, Bayer, Iberia, Volkswagen, Yves Rocher and Accor have also become involved with the UN campaign.

Spaldin, a company committed to the environment.

Our aim is to join in the fight against climate change, particularly focusing on CO2 emission reduction and the effect of climate change on biodiversity. As a result, Spaldin has joined the UN campaign ‘Plant for the Planet’ to include nature sites in Spain.

Spaldin wants to do its bit for this campaign, which is somewhat of benchmark for individuals and companies, since the manufacturing of products which make our life better cannot be considered more important than looking after our own planet. For this reason, Spaldin has always made its products with materials that respect the environment, helping to look after our surroundings while at the same time using materials that do not harm users.

Spaldin se suma a la campaña de Naciones Unidas

Located in Spain, France, Portugal, the USA, Canada and Brazil, the company focuses its efforts on offering highly technological sleep systems (mattresses, pillows and frames). In the words of the company’s CEO Oscar Valdemoros in his presentations: ‘Natural Sleep’, the natural sleep our body was made for.

Programa de las Naciones Unidas

Spaldin, leader in technology, creates products to help our customers enjoy natural sleep.