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Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Spaldin products are present in the most competitive and emerging current markets. The most important mattress selling chains in the world trust in Spaldin and its European technology.

What better proof is there of this than Spaldin products being on display in the best bedding stores in the world, even reaching Fifth Avenue in New York.

La Quinta Avenida
The arrival of the company on the American continent was a stone’s throw from the Empire State Building and has led the company to establish itself in Canada and Brazil, exporting to the rest of the countries on the continent from these three strategic points.

Spaldin’s American subsidiary already has clients in Mexico and countries in South America.

Back in Europe, Spaldin provides service to the whole Iberian Peninsula from its headquarters in Spain and Portugal.

This structure also allows it to offer its Natural Sleep products to customers in France, the UK and Australia.















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