Mattresses certified according to comfort rating

Originally designed by the German Hohenstein Institute, founding member of Oeko-tex, the ‘Sleep Comfort Index’ offers a novel way of objectively comparing the performance of a mattress independently to their construction and manufacturing.

According to this certification, SErgoFlow is the perfect sleep equipment.

Comfort is one of the first words that springs to mind when discussing the quality of a bed. Yet generally up until now, there have been no objective and comparable standards or specifications that could be used by a sales advisor to give a well-founded recommendation to clients, tailored to each of their particular needs.

Aiding the physiological processes that take place in our bodies while we are asleep is vital. The temperature balance between the human body and the surrounding temperature and warmth and moisture management within the ‘sleeping den’ are key to a good night’s sleep. The Hohenstein Institute defines sleep comfort as the ability of a material, in this case a mattress, to maintain a comfortable body temperature during sleep while also facilitating evaporation of perspiration quickly and effectively.

Using the ISO 11092 standard and the ‘Skin Model’, mattresses are ranked on an index imt on a scale of 0 to 1, with 1 being the maximum and therefore the ideal level of sleep comfort.

Three of the more relevant Spaldin lines, SErgoFlow, SClimatic and SDryFlow, have been tested and certified by AITEX according to their level of sleep comfort and using the model developed by the Hohenstein Institute. Although during testing SClimatic demonstrated the ability of the gel to improve heat dissipation in comparison with conventional memory foam, it scored 0.6 on the scale, considered as ‘very good’ although far from the results obtained by SErgoFlow and SDryFlow.

These scored 1 and 0.82 respectively and were rated ‘Excellent’ which proves the science and engineering in both their construction and materials. This is especially remarkable for SErgoFlow, which according to the sleep comfort index, is the perfect item of sleeping equipment.


ErgoFlow Comfort Test