Just Arrived?

Just Arrived?

Discover who Sleeps with Spaldin 

Ziggy Marley

"We try to live an eco friendly life, so we sleep better at night knowing that our baby is sleeping on a Spaldin mattress, inspired by nature."


Daryl Hannah

“I'm in love with my Spaldin Mattress! I broke my back doing stunts in a film and have struggled to sleep comfortably since. From night one on the Spaldin, I have slept so contentedly! The super-bonus is that it's made from natural materials, and there's no chemical smell. I love it!!”

Arianna Huffington

“Thanks to Spaldin for donating an organic mattress to We'veGotTimetoHelp! Here's to green companies!”

Andy Dick

“Sleeping on a 'Spaldin Mattress' is like sleeping on a cotton cloud of organic dreams made of please- don't-wake-me-up purple lilies.”

Josh Dorfman (the Lazy Environmentalist)

"Sleeping on my Spaldin mattress provides the comfort and restful sleep I crave along with the peace of mind that comes with making a healthy choice for myself and the planet."

Flea (guitarist, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"My Spaldin mattress is the finest mattress I have ever laid my head down on. Ahhhhhhhhhh...."

Ellen Degeneres

"The greenest bed from Spaldin Sleep Systems, the only company that uses 100% green materials on their mattresses"

Michael Franti

"I spend more time on the road then I do at home. Hopping in and out of buses, planes and hotels puts a lot of wear and tear on my body, so it puts a smile on my face knowing that the bed I'm coming home to is the coziest, most supportive and eco-conscious mattress on the planet – my Spaldin." 

Joan Baez

"In general, I don't do endorsements, but I would be remiss in not saying that I have slept better on the Spaldin eco-mattress than on any other in recent history."

Bianca Jagger 

“Since I have my eco-friendly Spaldin Mattress I get a good night rest & a guilt free sleep!”