Spaldin the first US mattress line Third Party Certified in their Sleep Comfort Index

Originally Developed by Hohenstein Institute, founder member of Oekotex, The Sleep Comfort Index offers consumers for first time and objective way to compare mattress performance


Spaldin, a worldwide pioneer in the use of fully certified human and ecologically safe materials and the first US mattress manufacturer in having certified its entire mattress lines by a unique Oekotex 100 number that compiles from fabric to thread, foams to adhesives to guarantee the complete safety of Spaldin mattresses, is proud to introduce to the Northamerican consumer the Sleep Comfort Index

“We are offering retailers and consumers proven, third party tested and objective index to help them on their choice by a way to compare comfort performance of mattresses regardless of the manufacturer or the materials used “says Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin.

Sleep comfort is one of the first words that comes up no matter who is talking about the quality of bedding. Yet in most cases, there are no objective and comparable specifications a sales consultant can use to give customers a well-founded recommendation suited to their individual needs. However supporting the physiological processes that take place in the body when a person sleeps at night are vital. The temperature balance between the human body and the surrounding temperature and warmth and moisture management within the "sleeping den" are key to a good night's sleep. The sleep comfort is defined by Hohenstein Institute, as the ability to maintain a comfortable body temperature during slumber while transporting perspiration away from the body quickly and effectively.
Using ISO 11092, mattresses are ranked on an index imt that goes from 0 to 1, being 1 the maximum and ideal Sleep Comfort.


ErgoFlow Comfort Test                                                              Certificate obtained by SErgoFlow mattresses

Three of the more relevant Spaldin lines, SErgoFlow, SClimatic and SDryFlow, have been tested and certified so far according to its Sleep Comfort and using the “Skin Model” device developed by Hohenstein Institute “Although S Climatic showed in the test the ability of gel to improve heat dissipation, what offered a index of 0.6 in Sleep Comfort, booth SDryFlow and SErgoFlow have shown extraordinary results with indexes of 0.82 and 1 respectively, what shows the performance of the engineering behind the construction of those mattresses, particularly SErgoFlow that, according to its Sleep Comfort is the Perfect Sleep Solution”, Valdemoros said.

In addition, Spaldin wanted to explore further in the claims of Memory foam mattresses giving heat. For that we used the thermography to compare our SClimatic Cool mattress against the most sold mattress of the best regarded memory foam brand (TP from now own).

The test, carried out in the same laboratory as the Sleep Comfort, used a mannequin heated internally to achieve a temperature of 35º C (95º F) and that is laid out in a twin side mattress, placed in climate chamber at 20º C (68ºF) and 60% humidity, and removed after one hour.

Mannequin on the mattress                                                Mannequin on the mattress



                                               Thermograhy just after the mannequin is removed and after 17 minutes mattress


Cooling graphic

                                               Cooling graphic comparing booth mattresses 

Two interesting points that the graphics show:

1.    SClimatic cools down quicker than regular memory foam, particularly in the short run (see first 100 seconds) what particularly affects comfort.
2.    The difference in temperature between these two mattresses is 1.5 ºC on average (2.7º F) what is a very significant increase for our body.

As Summary, the aim of Spaldin is to help consumers and retailers compare peers with peers on their choice and help the industry embrace reasonable and proven standards with that aim.

We do not simply claim “Natural Sleep”, we test it and certify it.