Comfort Warranty / Test Insurance for mattress

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Spaldin® offers a 90-night proof warranty on all your mattresses. If, after using your mattress for the first 15 nights (minimum time necessary for a proper adaptation), you are not satisfied with it, you can request the return of the mattress assuming both transport costs (shipping and return). In order to execute this warranty or proof insurance, it is necessary to purchase a protector together with the mattress, which must be used during the 90 days of validity of this warranty. If you want to return your mattress according to the conditions above, you should contact

Terms of service

Place of delivery

Spaldin products will be delivered at the address designated by customers at the time of purchase.
Spaldin assumes no responsibility when deliveries can not be made as a result of the data provided by customers are not correct or incomplete. In this case, Spaldin will contact the customer as soon as possible to correct any possible errors in the data at the address designated for delivery.
Spaldin products are available for sale and delivery throughout National territory of Spain (including Iberian Peninsula, Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla and Autonomous Communities of Balearic and Canary Islands). Our products are also available for sale and delivery inside National territory of Portugal from the Iberian Peninsula exclusively. For other countries, please do not hesitate to contact Spaldin directly.

Way of delivery

Spaldin products will be shipped at delivery address through a logistics company. These will be delivered perfectly packaged to ensure perfect condition upon delivery.
Depending on destination, the mattresses can be sent uncompressed or compressed (action performed in Spanish territory) to ensure that they are not damaged during transport. Once in the customer's home, mattresses should be removed from their compressor packaging. Any mattresses, once out of the packaging, will recover their ideal form to 95% in a few minutes and to 100% in a maximum of 48-72 hours. During the decompression period mattresses can be used normally.

Delivery time

Delivery of Spaldin products at the address designated by the customer will be made within ten (10) working days following the completion of the complete purchase process. The purchase process is considered complete with sending of order confirmation notification.

Delivery date

The logistics company in charge of making the delivery will contact the customer to agree the exact date and time of delivery, always within the working hours of the carrier.


The prices indicated on our website are expressed in Euros. The amount indicated on the purchase order and confirmation of shipping confirmation includes the costs of transportation and delivery. Additional expenses may apply to territories outside the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal, in which case the customer will be informed during the purchase process before it is completed.