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What type of mattress does need my body?

Benefits to the customer

Eliminates the risk in the consumer purchase decision because its support profile can be reconfigured according to your needs, your body' changes and health conditions. Ensures competitive and fair pricing, as well as timely delivery. Made to order and shipped in a box. Made in Europe and North America. Promises to improve the quality of sleep and addresses the most common related clinical issues (back pain, apneas, snoring...). Based on three decades of research lead by Institute PROSCHLAF® in Austria.

The Multi-Zoned support profile is customized according to the individual needs of the customer.

All mattresses, bigger than 'TwinXL' size, are made with a dual support profile.

The support profile can easily be reconfigured by the customer at any time.

How does the mattress-simulator work?

Configure your mattress in an store with the Mattress Simulator together with our Bespoke App.

Configure yours and your partners side. Your personalized Bespoke mattress will be tailored to both yours and your partners needs.

Benefits to the retailer

The mattress simulator Spaldin Bespoke at stores enables you to offer comfort solutions in a few easy steps. And it instanly improves the customer experience and eases the selling process. A virtual simulator widget is also available for e-commerce or for retailers with no mattress simulator Spaldin Bespoke in its store.